How to make the perfect cappuccino at home….

You dont need to own a machine to make espresso or cappuccino at home!You just need a moka pot,which is very cheap and easy to find.Moka pots brew coffee on top of a stove,the good old fashioned way.The pot has 2 chambers, separated by a filter. The bottom chamber is used for boiling water, the filter in the middle would hold the ground coffee and the chamber on top collects the finished espresso.

1. Begin the brewing by removing the middle filter and filling the bottom chamber with water until it reaches the safety valve.

2. After that, insert the filter, fill it with your choice of coffee ground. Try to distribute the ground uniformly on the filter.

3. Secure the pitcher like top chamber by screwing it tightly.

4. Place the pot on the stove top,over slightly higher than medium fire.

5. Here is what happens inside: The water would boil, produces steam and travel upwards through the ground coffee. In about 3-4 minutes, the steam soaked with coffee ground, i.e. the brewed espresso will trickled into the top chamber.

6. You will know that the espresso is almost ready when you hear gurgling sound and some coffee start to emerge from the spout.

7. When that happen, you can remove it from the stovetop, cool for a few minutes and then serve your “hand made” cappuccino…

8.To make the froth milk,start by pouring some cold milk into a long mixing cup,add a tiny pinch of sugar and use an electric milk frother (again cheap and easy to find),beat until the froth doubles in size.Serve your coffee,pour the froth on top of it and sprinkle with some ground cinnamon.

Mmmmm coffeelicious!

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